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Dryer Repair

Dryer Problem Solving

Dryer common problems


Dryers are easy to repair in Do It Yourself, but when you are working with electrical elements you must go first for safety. 

And as always thing are not that simple as working with the old dryers. The newer the dryer the harder to repair. The new ones use heat pump dryers

The old dryers known as vented dryers, are the most relaibale and easy to repair when they go bad. This type of dryer requires a hose for the vent to be connected to the outside. So they are easy to identify.

To diagnose properly when a dryer gives some problems, you will need to learn how your dryer functions and the main elements of the dryer. They do vary from brand to brand but most of them are similar.

Want to know how your dryer works?

You will only find 3 types: Condenser, heat pump, and vented dryer.

If you have never heard before abouth them, vented dryers need a vents to expells the hot air out, that the vent located in the wall and goes outside the house.

The condenser dryer is self condensing, which means that it condenses to the outside, the moisture taken from the clothes during the drying process.

No matter what type of dryer you have the principles and the way it works are identical. Three elements must be present when a dryer works, heat, action and airflow. If one of those fail, the dryer won't dry.

Common Dryer Faults

Dryer is not heating

Known as the most common dryer issue. At least 6 out of 10 dryers when the break down this is what you will complain about. Most of the time is the easiest issue to diagnose. 

First of all, if the unit is not heating, check for a reset button. Some dryer has a safety device and could be reset, though most of the dryer models don't carry this option. But well if that doesn't work that means you will need to call a certified appliance technician to diagnose the unit. Below are some possible causes of failure in the dryer. 

$1·         Heating Element defective. 

$1·         Thermal fuse blown out. Most likely caused by a dryer vent duct clogged.

$1·         The dryer vent duct can also stop air flow in the dryer, taking the dryer too long to dry.

$1·         Blower thermostat or cycling thermostat. The heating element won't turn on at all if he cycling thermostat is bad.

Dryer not spinning

Another common complain. When a dryer is not spinning most likely the best is broken or loose. But well, could be other possible causes like the ones mentioned below.

$1·         Belt broken or worn out.

$1·         Motor capacitor shorted. (not every model has one)

$1·         Motor shorted or stucked.

$1·         Drum wheels worn out. 

Dryer is too noisy

Within the dryer they are not so much moving elements, so is very easy to found the source of the unit. 

$1·         Motor bearings defective.

$1·         Idler pulley broken.

$1·         Felt or gaskets worn out.

$1·         Drum wheels worn out or missing.

Dryer doesn't turn on

When a dryer is not turning on, first of all check if the voltage is correct. The outlet should have 220 in order to the heating element to work, if the outlet has 110v, the dryer will turn on and spin bu won't heat. Anyways, if the outlet volate is correct then they are just 3 possible causes for the unit not to turn on.

  • Dryer Timer not working
  • Safety fuse blown
  • Door switch defective .

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